It’s Gifting Time!

It’s Gifting Time!

October is finally here people! Just two months away to end the year!  The festive season is already crawling up to our heads. Excitement is already kicking in and the air is warming up for niceties. At Wexer brand, we ensure that gifts don’t come in plain isolation like a good meal without a sip of your favorite juice. we love the smile you wear when your gifts come accompanied with beautiful cards bearing heart-melting words. One that you want to carry with you everywhere you go.
Well, we are kick-starting the festive season mood with gifting. Of course, you deserve gifting, only that you have to earn it. Just some little work for a beautiful reward.
It’s easy and simple as ABC.
Be the first to get all the three Riddles right, and you walk away with either :
  1. A 2020 customized calendar of your choice
  2. A branded item ( a cap, a mug or a t-shirt with a design of your choice)
  3. A Ksh 200 voucher
Sounds good? Then let’s get started.

1. If I am holding a bee in my hand, what do I have in my eye?

2. Two fathers and two sons go fishing. Each of them catch one fish. So, why do they bring home only three fish?

3. I was born in 1995. Today I am 33 years old. how is that possible?

Easy, right?
Then let’s get gift someone or get ourselves a gift for a job well done!

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