Hiring a designer? What you should know

Hiring a designer? What you should know

“The designer did not do what I wanted, this is a big loss”. A friend recently complained when she entered the office she had hired an interior designer to design before its grand opening. Having paid the designer heavily and not getting the expected results, she was disappointed, frustrated and annoyed. She had to cover the extra costs of getting a different designer to do the work all over again. Later, she was impressed by the kind of work delivered by the second designer.
“What didn’t I do right the first time?” she wondered.
Many times people hire designers before thinking through what they want and end up being frustrated by the amount of time and money put into it without getting the expected results. Designers are not mind readers, they might be unable to deliver effectively if the message sent by the client is not clear. Before you even go looking for a designer to work on your design project, here is what you need to know.
  1. What services are you looking for exactly?
There are many designers in the market today but not every one of them can match your design project. Being that design skill is an important piece of the larger puzzle, the ability to strategically apply that talent lies in the ability of a specific designer. Knowing exactly what you want and the kind of designers that offer it allows you to work with a designer that will communicate your message effectively as intended. Designers vary from fashion, tech to architecture.
Finding the right person for the right role can be sometimes very challenging. With a better understanding of the different types of designers in the market today and their roles (Understanding the different types of designers ) it will be easier to choose the right kind of designer that fits your project. However, keep in mind that some designers may have more than one area of expertise.
  1. What’s your budget?
It is often said that you get what you pay for, which can be true when it comes to hiring a designer. How much do you have to spend on the design project? Remember, you want design work that you will be proud of and satisfied with.  Every designer will price their services differently from custom quotes, packages to an hourly basis depending on how they decide to run their businesses.
Knowing your budget on the design project is very important since it gives you freedom on deciding who to hire and making sure that you get value for money. Many times, design work is like building a house, it might end up costing more than you anticipated, don’t let it scare you, just be prepared for it. Know the exact costs of the deliverables, payment plan and the flexibility around it then plan and invest your money into a great product, experience or service.
  1. Have a personal style.
Because design can make or break your idea, having clarity on your idea contributes a lot in translating it into an actual product. Many designers like it when you go to them with what you love and want as it acts as a guide to what they are working on. Do not put all the bets on what the designer can do without having an original idea of what it should be. Having an idea helps in furthering the story and making the best out of it rather than the designers doing all the work. This will also help you know if what is delivered to you at the end of the design work is what you had in mind or wanted.
  1. Freelancer or Agency?
Having known your financial plan, you need to decide whether you are going to work with a freelance designer or an agency. Before deciding whether you are going to use an agency or a freelancer, you need to understand your needs, the scale and complexity of your project as this will impact on who to hire.
Both a freelancer and an agency will have its capabilities, its pros, cons and this kind of information will influence who you work with. While freelancer seems to be flexible and more affordable, agencies tend to be more reliable and but might have longer delivery times. Although freelancers may not have the same experience as someone working for an agency, it’s not always the case that an agency will deliver the expected results better than a freelancer. Whatever works for you, you might be getting the same quality for so much less.
  1. Know the designer.
Make a priority to know all the details of working with the designer you are hiring as this will give you confidence and clarity in who you are working with and what you want at the end of it. The designer with more experience in the field you are venturing into is generally efficient because they have worked with a variety of clients and have developed skills across disciplines. See if they have worked on similar projects to yours and how their strengths align with your current needs. You can get their niche and performance by carrying out a client’s testimonial research. For instance, checking their testimonial web page will tell you if they have offered satisfying work to other clients.
In the end, it all comes down to what you want. Do your research on who to hire, evaluate what’s best suited for you and get your anticipated results with a smiling face!
Are you ready to hire a designer? We would be excited to hear about your experience!

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