Finding passion at the work place.

Finding passion at the work place.

“I don’t like the job, it is not what I wanted to do”

“I have no passion for this job, I feel trapped.”

Sounds familiar?

There are people whose passion oozes out of everything they do because they love every bit of their job. There are also those who cannot reflect a simple sense of passion in their tasks because they can’t stand their jobs. We all know that finding your passion doesn’t just happen in one day. It takes a lot of time, serious thinking, effort and a lot of trial and error.

“Just follow your passion” can be so frustrating especially when you would love to but you don’t know what you are passionate about. Passion from a lighter perspective is something that you fall head over heels in love with, engross you, lights you up and makes your heart sing. Sometimes finding work that sustains, nourishes and makes you happy can be challenging. What if you know what you are passionate about but can’t make a living doing it?

There is a notion that to be happy at your job, you need to find a job that aligns with your passion. So many people hate going to their jobs and easily find it easy to say, “If only I had a job that I am so passionate about, then I will be so happy. Unfortunately, it’s not always the case that we end up doing what we love most. Since there is no platonic passion lying out there, how then do we brighten our days at the workplace and find happiness out of it?

Every job has good and bad parts and not everything is perfect every day but if there is some purpose that comes with it you can find meaning and fulfillment in it. Passion can be found in many ways. Never let the long list of daily to-dos or the rush of the day gets ahead of finding your purpose. Most people do their best work when they are engaged and passionate about what they are doing, so should you. Imagine yourself waking and jumping out of bed, excited about going to work.

Many of the time people say they hate their jobs, in many cases, they are just bored. How then do we find passion in our workplaces amidst all odds?

1. Find meaning in your work

Think about why you first got into that particular job originally and whether you are still on the same path. At least every position in any workplace comes with pesky tasks and responsibilities that are never enjoyed doing, but there are bound to be other related duties that you dread. The question is, why do we do what we do? We spend most of our time and energy on our jobs. So if we can turn our jobs into something that adds meaning and purpose in our lives, we will be able to do better, improve our lives and be happy with the job. Finding meaning in your work will not only brace you with passion for your job but also result in an effective, exciting, happier and more productive working environment.

2. Be open to change

When things don’t go according to your wish in your career, change the plan to fit the circumstances until you can roll out of it. Learning to be flexible and open to change can impact positively in your career. Trying something new may also help you discover other passions that could be a big breakthrough in your career. Being open to change will give you room to love what you do and slowly develop a passion for it.

3. Build relationships

Building good relationships at work is the starting point towards building your passion for the job as it influences your mood and motivation at the workplace. Many full-time employees spend more time with their co-workers and it’s therefore important to build a quality relationship with them in order to increase employee morale. Co-workers become friends and look forward to spending time with one another while doing their jobs.

Rich relationships with others build a stronger and collaborative environment. This will positively contribute to the growth of your passion for the job. A stiff and unfriendly work environment will have the opposite effect and thus making it hard for one to enjoy and develop passion for the job.

4. Don’t wait to do what you love

We always wait for tomorrow or for circumstances to change. You wake up and don’t do anything new, different or something to move you close to your dreams because you think you will just wait and do what you love. Stop wasting moments of your day waiting for tomorrow when you have today. A meaningful, rewarding career is not out there waiting for you to find it, it’s waiting for you to create it.

5. Stay Positive no matter what

Optimism rocks and Passion creates a positive attitude towards work. To be passionate about your job, you need to care about the job. You need to change your outlook towards it, if you can hold a positive attitude towards it, then you can secure your passion for the job. There are a handful of moments in life when we pause to consider where our choices have taken us, and check how happy and satisfied we are. Having passion for your work is an excellent way to reduce stress.

Life is too short to spend most of your time hating your job and feeling miserable for far too long. Whatever your heart is calling you to do, think about it, dream on it, and don’t ignore it. But don’t limit your happiness to one particular thing, put in passion in whatever you are doing, wherever you are and let the life inside you glow. If all else fails after applying the above, you should seriously consider if you really are in the right place. There comes a time when finding another opportunity that is in line with your values may be the best thing.

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This is one great piece Grace. Thank you!

You are welcome John, stay glued for more.

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