Common challenges faced by designers.

Common challenges faced by designers.

Many of us get into the careers of our choice because we are thrilled by it and love doing it. We love that feeling when we are happy about what we are doing. It does not, however, mean that the job is easy and stress-free. Every job has its challenges and sometimes small problems turn into nightmares.
Some times it takes painful experience and lessons to learn how to deal with the toughest challenges.
Designers too, like any other career, face some common challenges.
Let’s find out some of the challenges designers face and how how to solve them.
  1. Designing without enough content of a project.
Many designers face this a lot. Many times, clients do not know or are not sure of exactly what they want and end up giving you incomplete information or promise to get you the whole content soon. The designer then is left in the ‘waiting state’ for a couple of days or weeks. Their response will surprise you when they finally get back to you with the content and you may end up changing the whole scope of what you were supposed to do.
Solution: Help your clients figure out what they want to get the content and details of the project early enough. Don’t just sit and wait for the clients content, get into the process early enough so that you can influence the important decisions that may affect the design project.
  1. Creative block and burnouts.
Designers’  bock is not a new thing, designers hit a creativity dead end many ties in the profession. Since you get paid for being creative, a designer’s block can be frustrating and challenging. To overcome a designers block, check out
This is also sometimes accompanied by a burnout. Juggling tasks, beating deadlines and still being good at what you do can push one to the brink of burnout. Designers are expected to innovate and be creative every single day and this can sometimes be overwhelming.
Solution: There are many ways of overcoming burnout and work differently on everyone. Take a break. Find something enjoyable outside your comfort zone and try it out. Sometimes creative burnout is a direct result of doing something repetitive and not having other creative outlets. Talk it out. It’s important to find the cause of the burn out because a burn out can cause you a lot of bottled-up frustrations and stress.
  1. Misconceptions and misunderstandings of what you do
This is one of the hardest challenges designers face.
“So you just draw for people?”, “you make cartoons for a living?” or ” I can’t pay all that money for such a simple card” sounds familiar?
often, most designers work for non-creatives. This can be frustrating when many times you have to keep explaining yourself on what you do and defending your work. No one likes their careers disrespected or implies that is easy and shouldn’t be costly.
It’s difficult and hurts when your career is not acknowledged for the efforts put in.
Solution: What you want is to be understood and your work acknowledged and appreciated, right? Getting there means you understanding where other people are coming from. educating them so they can understand your area of work and letting your work speak for you is very important. Foster an open-door culture to your work will help dispel the misconceptions about your work. Doing your very best with each project you let out to your audience will also be your biggest advocate.
  1. Missing on deadlines
Working as a creative means that there will always be several deadlines lined up for you. Designers know that deadlines can throw you into a panic attack. Sometimes, however, the situation gets beyond our control and we have to find a way to deal with it.
Solution : It’s therefore very important that you be realistic with the time frame you give depending on the project you are working on. More than often, we impose deadlines on ourselves by giving the wrong time frame. Always leave room for flexibility in case something turns to be harder or more complex than you had estimated. However, whenever you are unable to meet the deadline as given, do not lose composure. Learn to be remorseful and let the client know what came up or if the situation was beyond control.
  1. High competition in the job market
with a large number of people opting for a profession of their passion and talent, the design world is starting to flood. This lead s to saturation which in turn leads to high competition in the job market. In such cases, a majority of designers are ready to take up projects for a low price which affects the value of work terribly.
Solution: With so many design companies and freelancers coming up, finding an audience and converting them into customers requires creativity and commitment. Competitors in the design industry demand that you work even harder to make your mark. Find your niche and perfect it. Customers respond to value, make sure you give good value that will keep your customers stuck to you.
Does anything in this article resonate with you? what are some of the challenges you have faced as a designer? Share with us, we would love to hear your experience.

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