Choosing a name for your company

Choosing a name for your company

They say getting your brand name right is your first step at getting your business right. As much as branding your company is one of the most exciting things to do when starting up your brand, truth is, naming your brand is one of the hardest steps. Building a strong brand name takes time and involves much more than just a logo and a slogan.
A great brand name isn’t just something that looks cool on your site, it is great because it communicates something to your customers.
When it comes to business, the name of your company can either make it the talk of the town where everyone heads to or can doom it to failure.
A good brand name should convey the value, uniqueness of the product or service and the expertise being offered.
While there are so many takes on how to come up with the right brand name for your company, the reality is, the name you choose speaks volumes about your business. Choosing the right name for your company is a very important startup step as it has a tremendous impact on your business.
Coming up with a good brand name can be complicated. That should however not scare you.
Here are some important things you check on when choosing a brand name for your company.
  1. Know your target audience
The foundation of building any brand is by knowing the target audience and focusing on it because you cannot be everything to everyone. The name should easily speak to your audience.
For you to come up with a name, you need to know what you want to communicate to your customers and the world. A good brand name should communicate well with the key elements of your business. This is because the more the name communicates to the consumers, the less it needs you to keep explaining. Keep in mind that the name you choose should not only be appealing to you, but also to the target audience you are trying to attract.
Using long and confusing names may create an impression that the product or service is complex and your possible customers may not want to dig deeper into understanding what you are offering at first sight. For instance, a company that sells computers could call  itself ‘Mark-computers’ and not ‘Mark’s International  Computer’
Depending on your business, pick a tone(Classic, emotional, playful, modern or pragmatic) that will match your business and merge it in the name to easily connect with your audience.
  1. Be Creative
 With the challenge of continuous change in naming trends, choosing a suitable name for your company can be hard. Every company wants a name that will stand out in the crowd, a catchy title that will remain fresh and memorable over time. Being creative in this sense, therefore, means that if you can’t find a word that captures the essence of your brand, invent your own. New words and slang are entering the market world everyday, think outside the box by exploring new words, slang, and languages to come up with a unique name that will stick for a long time. The name, however creative, needs to make sense. New names with negative or obscene translations may turn out to be an embarrassment that kills your brand.
  1. Ensure the name matches the business
 Trying to make the name of your brand to sound like that of other companies  may end up depicting a different image of what your brand is about. Ensuring that your name fits the business rather than the companies you admire or look up to, will ensure that you stand out for the right reasons. the name should not be in any way different from your product or service. Naming a company after a specific product or service offered can sometimes create issues when  the company decides to offer products or services unrelated to the name. For instance a company calling itself ‘fruity juices’  would limit themselves from offering other beverages or different drinks because of the name.
  1. Test your Brand name
Once you have settled on a name for your brand, you must test it thoroughly and objectively. This will help you figure out how memorable and appealing your customers find your brand. If you are a new brand startup, testing could be conducted among family members, colleagues, and even social media as market research.  If you’re changing the name of your existing brand, you can ask them what they feel about it and whether the new name conveys the purpose of the brand. With this survey you can get a good measure of the reaction of the public to your new brand name.
However,remain skeptical and pay attention to how people respond and their reactions to it.
  1. Give it time
Finally, having come up with a name that perfectly fits your brand, start setting up your online presence. unless you decide to change your brand into something different, give your brand name time to grow and spread. Nike or Coca cola did not grow overnight. Building a name for your brand is a never-ending task that takes time and effort. It doesn’t have to be that hard, be authentic and consistent in your work. That way you are reinforcing your message every time your audience sees your name and your audience will remember you for that. Patience will pay off.
Choosing a business name is a strong decision and the results of it will stay with you for a long time. Take your time to kick start your brand by choosing a suitable name for it and then start growing a relevant and trusted brand that is true to your values.  Remember, Your brand is much more than just a name and a logo.It’s a Mantra!

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