5 Quick Tips For Becoming A Designer

5 Quick Tips For Becoming A Designer

How would you feel if you one day woke up to your dream career? Let’s say, you spent all your childhood dreaming about flying a plane, as you grow and the life rush sets in, you still dream of it. Then one day after all the struggle, the failures and the battles you’ve fought, you finally get to fly a plane. Oh, not just flying a plane, you’ve become the best pilot that every newspaper, top news station, and trending blog is talking about. You.Yes! you.

Are you thinking of pursuing a designing career but you are scared of all the possibilities and impossibilities of you making your way to the top?
Grab your cup of coffee, your reading glasses and let’s see how you can make your dream become a reality.
Design is a craft that you learn and hone throughout your design career. No one becomes a good designer in just one day. You have to become comfortable with failure and be willing to learn from your mistakes. You are probably thinking, how many times have you heard someone say this. There is no harm in trying again.
1. What kind of designer do you want to be?
Jumping into an ocean to get to the other side safely without knowing how to swim is suicide. You do not want to have a lifeless career story, do you? Design isn’t just about how things look. As a designer, you need to have the ideas to create something functional and visually appealing.
Understand the roles of different designers and decide the exact kind of designer you want to be. Trying to be a ‘one size fits all’ will get you jumping from one thing to the other, ending you up in a bowl of frustration. Find your taste in design and learn everything you need to know about it. Read, ask, listen, wrap your head around it and try to get an understanding of what that kind of design is all about. This should be something that you enjoy and willing to persevere the journey of becoming a master at it.
2. Take a class in design.
Taking a class in design will give you a good boost of knowledge and a wide scope of what is required in the design world. This will also enable you to focus on your areas of difficulties and enable you to improve on your most challenging areas. Taking a course in design will also give you a good platform to discuss, express ideas and learn new techniques from others. If you are pressed for money but still want to learn the basics, then hands on tutorials will be a good start. (Check out Skillshare, Alison and Coursera). The secret here is to learn design principles and equip yourself with a good foundation. Take in as many lessons as you can and apply them accordingly.
3. You are paid for being creative.
To be a good designer, you need to think like a designer. Designing is a creative art and you are paid for being creative. You are responsible for coming up with ideas, balancing and beautifying them to functionality. This calls for creativity, lots of creativity. Designing techniques are always changing and to be able to keep up with that pace, you have to always think out of the box. The biggest challenge with designing is trying to make something interesting to you look or sound interesting to others. Since this is the key selling point, a designer needs to be creative enough to come up with ideas that will beat the normal odds. You cannot expect to be the best designer in a creative world if you are constantly exercising your creative muscles.
4. Observe.
The key secret to designing is to open your eyes to the world of design. Design is everywhere: billboards, bottles of wine, street signs, your favorite restaurant logo, wall graffitis or the structure of the building next to you. The moment you start paying attention to what is around you, you will realize that the whole world is engulfed in design. Do not underestimate the platforms you have to learn from. Look at what other designers are doing and their best works. Pay attention to the inspiration around you and build up from it.
 5. Practice!
Just like any other career that needs mastery, design also needs regular practice for you to have a good grip on the art. Sketching is etching, so practice! practice and practice. Perfection does not come as an invasion that makes you a perfect designer overnight. Design is about the visual look and feel, so experiment with colors, visuals, make, remake and remix until you are good at it.
Are you now ready to pursue your dream once again? Ready to unashamedly express your craft in the midst of naysayers? Then, revisit the points again and get started!
You only need to start. Remember; Simplicity is the is the ultimate form of sophistication. Be optimistic and stay positive.
Still stuck on what kind of Designer you want to be? Then don’t miss out on our next post on Understanding the different types of Designers.”
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